Recipe for Frozen Nest Milk Pudding

Frozen Nest Milk Pudding

Pudding is, for me, one of the best desserts there is! Besides being economical and tasty, it's usually pretty easy to make pudding at home. Thinking about it, here at Specialfood I teach you how to make this recipe for Ninho milk pudding, a real delight to prepare in less than 15 minutes and store in the freezer until it solidifies. Even if you don't have much practice in the kitchen it will definitely work, because you can't go wrong! Check out the step by step below and try it out.

Ingredients for making Frozen Milk Pudding Nest:

 1 cup of Powdered Nest Milk

 1 can of condensed milk

 2 cans of warm milk (measurement of the condensed milk can)

 1 box of sour cream

 1 envelope of unflavored gelatin

 liquid caramel

How to make Nest ice cream pudding:

Start by preparing this chilled nest milk pudding recipe by dissolving the gelatin in warm milk.

Then place the Nest milk, condensed milk, milk with gelatin and cream in a blender and beat until smooth. The mixture of Ninho milk pudding is ready!

Grease a hole shape with caramel and pour the previous mixture into it - if you want to make homemade caramel follow the instructions in this recipe. Store dessert in freezer for 2-4 hours, or until solidified.

When serving your Ninho cold milk pudding, melt the caramel by placing the pan under the stove fire until you feel the pudding come off. It's ready to delight everyone!

Try this amazing recipe and let us know what you think in the comments, not forgetting to upload a photo of your finished pudding. Also check out how to prepare these homemade pudding recipes:

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